Monday, August 23, 2010


Hello and welcome to The Right Bros. production duo Blogspot page.  The reason for starting this page was to give our fans, supporters and followers a window into our minds as we pursue a career in the highly competitive music industry as aspiring producers.  As already stated we are a duo that consist of myself, I.O. and my production and business partner F.J.  In early 2002 we attended the prestigious Institute of Audio Research in New York City and both graduated with a 4.0 GPA  and worked various gigs cutting our teeth and honing our skills as audio techs.

One day during the spring of 2005 I went to F.J.'s house and within minutes a track was created using nothing more than a no frills sampler and an old low performance computer.  The chemistry was evident and although I moved to Charlotte in 2006 F.J and I would still work regularly on beats via file sharing. Since then we have made countless tracks and in Aug of 2006 The Right Bros. was officially formed.

by I.O.

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