Monday, August 23, 2010

My Thoughts

I was reminiscing about the time when I used to buy music as a kid.  I would shop at The Wiz in Queens and during those times buying records felt like an event.  I remember when The Fugees "The Score" Album came out and I ran to the store during a storm to buy it and a day later I had the flu.  It didn't matter because I had the album and I would do it again today if the music being released made me feel the same.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think music sucks entirely but there was a true purpose to buying tapes and cds and because there were no Ipods you really had to think about what you were going to listen to.  I think Ipods are great but you can put anything on it because of storage.  Very little thought goes into choosing songs and that to me was part of the fun.  The listening experience doesn't feel as personal and because of the way music is obtained today, I feel less connected to the artist.  It used to be cool to have a cd player and pick what music to take with you.  Downloading and file sharing wasn't available then and even though piracy was around, money was still spent on bootlegs.  Those were the days.

I felt that the music back then was created during a golden age where nothing was spared, everyone had guts and the impact it had on the youth let alone the hip hop culture was evident.  You lived your life to it.  As an aspiring record producer I would love to recapture that feeling again.  I know it's gonna take more than just beats.  How can we gain the consumer's trust again?  Why are we afraid of change?

I cant blame piracy only on the people seeding the files but music just isn't what it used to be.  I truly believe that's the real problem with record sales.  No one pushes the envelope anymore.  No one takes any risks.  Everything sounds alike.  It's all cookie cutter.  Many of you may not feel the same way and that's cool.  These are just my thoughts.  Thanks for listening.


by F.J.

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